MINTbase v2.0: a framework for the interactive exploration of mitochondrial and nuclear tRNA fragments

Found 28,824 tRNA fragment(s) corresponding to 125,285 genomic location(s)

MINTbase Unique ID
(sequence derived)
Fragment sequence
Fragment Length
Total number of genomic instances
in known tRNA space
Exclusively within tRNA genes?
Expressed (# of datasets)?
Maximum RPM
View tRNA alignment
tRF-24-BBKN8LEZ22 AAAAACCATTTCATAACTTTGTCA 24 AspGTC (mt) 1 no yes (1) 1.101 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-17-BBSQ6KJ AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCC 17 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (294) 6.682 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-20-BBSQ6KK4 AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCCATG 20 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (2) 1.263 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-22-BBSQ6KK44 AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCCATGGG 22 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (19) 2.556 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-23-BBSQ6KK4DY AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCCATGGGG 23 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (1) 1.087 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-25-BBSQ6KK4RN AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCCATGGGGTT 25 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (1) 1.218 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-27-BBSQ6KK4RN4 AAAAAGTCATGGAGGCCATGGGGTTGG 27 SerTGA (mt-la), SerTGA (mt) 2 yes yes (2) 1.740 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-18-BBZY7FW AAAAATTTTGGTGCAACT 18 LeuTAG (mt) 1 no yes (2) 1.817 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-19-BBZY7FE5 AAAAATTTTGGTGCAACTC 19 LeuTAG (mt) 1 no yes (11) 5.630 View fragment on tRNA
tRF-20-BBZY7FER AAAAATTTTGGTGCAACTCC 20 LeuTAG (mt) 1 no yes (4) 1.822 View fragment on tRNA

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