MINTbase: a framework for the interactive exploration of mitochondrial and nuclear tRNA fragments

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2,282,605 requests 04/04/2019 stats: 28,824 expressed tRFs | 12,023 datasets | 125,285 genomic instances

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To retrieve information from MINTbase you are required to choose a vista and a genome assembly. The use of optional filters helps narrow the outcome to a specific subset of the tRF universe: e.g. you can ask to retrieve only the 5'-tRFs of all anticodons, only the 5'-tRFs of the AlaAGC or SerACT amino acid/anticodon pairs, all tRF types that originate from all the genomic instances of ValTAC, etc. To ensure the effort-less use of MINTbase, we accommodated multiple tRNA naming schemes and thus allow the use of different tRNA identifiers when composing a search.

A novel key feature of MINTbase is that it allows you to investigate tRFs that have not been reported as yet in the literature as expressed. Since the tRNA sequence space of a genome is finite (see our previous work), there exists an upper bound to the number of distinct tRF sequences that can ever be produced by mature tRNAs. As the number of discovered tRFs is likely to increase it is reasonable to expect that at least some of these currently not-expressed tRFs will be discovered by subsequent studies to be expressed in some setting.

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