MINTbase: a framework for the interactive exploration of mitochondrial and nuclear tRNA fragments

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1,607,766 requests 10/26/2017 stats: 26,744 expressed tRFs | 11,721 datasets | 117,371 genomic instances


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MINTbase offers five distinct vantage points or "vistas".

The "Genomic Loci" vista provides access to all possible genomic origins of the sought tRFs and their characteristics with reference to the source tRNA genes. The "RNA Molecule" vista provides access to the distribution of a tRF across all tRNAs in tRNA space. The "tRNA Alignment" vista visualizes the tRF(s) in the sequence context of the parental tRNA. The "Expression" vista provides information about the different datasets, tissues, diseases, etc. in which each tRF has been reported expressed, together with the corresponding Pub-Med identifier. Finally, the "tRF Summary" vista summarizes all the information in MINTbase for each tRF individually in the form of a "record".

Click on the images to view details about each vista.

Genomic loci viewGenomic Loci
RNA molecule viewRNA molecule
tRNA alignment viewtRNA alignment
Expression viewExpression
Summary viewSummary