Help support the Computational Medicine Center’s Efforts

By supporting the Computational Medicine Center at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College you are supporting scientists who have made it their life’s mission to understand how diseases begin and progress and who work to find new and better cures.

Living cells are very elegant yet very complex systems. Our team’s efforts embrace this complexity and leverage multi-disciplinary expertise that spans the fields of genomics, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine. We firmly believe that only by combining information from these seemingly unrelated dimensions will we be able to make key advances.

Ours is a formidable task. Your gift will help us continue our cutting-edge research, discover the key molecular events behind disease, and translate our findings into novel approaches to diagnosis, prognosis and individualized therapy.

You can help us in this effort by making a gift to our Center through Jefferson’s Office of Institutional Advancement (click here).

Alternatively, you can donate by sending a check (payable to: “Jefferson” | Memo: “for the Computational Medicine Center”) to:

Jefferson Office of Institutional Advancement
125 S. 9th Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19107

All of us thank you for your support!

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