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Welcome to the home page of the Computational Medicine Center at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University

We focus on the use of computational and experimental techniques to solve problems from genomics, genetics, molecular biology and medicine. Our strengths are in the areas of non-coding RNAs and pattern discovery. Our research emphasis is on organism-specific regulatory motifs, on determining how short as well as longer non-coding RNAs are involved in the onset and progression of disease, and on translating the knowledge of RNA interactions into novel approaches to diagnosis and individualized therapy (“Precision Medicine”).

– Isidore Rigoutsos

Quick Links: MINTbase *NEW*Novel miRNAs 2015   –   Off-Spotter for CRISP/Cas gRNAs   –   tRNA-Lookalikes   –   CLIPSim-MC   –   RNA22 ver. 2 (interactive)Pyknons

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