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From discovering previously unsuspected molecular culprits to designing novel classes of disease biomarkers and potential therapies, our team is using cutting-edge approaches to help improve health.

Upcoming Symposium

The Computational Medicine Center at Jefferson, The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson & The University of Kansas Cancer Center announce

2020 Big in Big Data, September 8 – 9

A two day symposium, the latest advancements in precision medicine and disease disparities. Visit the event page.

Registration/Attendance is free!

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We are making discoveries that help explain how a person’s sex, population origin, race/ethnicity, age, and the environment lead to differences in disease onset and disease progression. >Explore
Health Disparities
We apply our discoveries to improving our understanding of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, asthma, glaucoma, and more. >Explore
Disease Research
We discovered numerous novel molecules (primate-specific miRNAs, isomiRs, tRNA-derived fragments, piRNAs, pyknons) and have been studying their roles in health and disease. >Explore
Novel Molecules
We design and use advanced computational tools that allow us to analyze very large data repositories and help accelerate breakthroughs. >Explore
Big Data

Computational Medicine is an emerging multidisciplinary field of science. Its goal is to develop quantitative methods, both analytical and experimental, and use them to gain new insights about how diseases begin and progress. Working in this field requires deep understanding of computer science, data science, engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and medicine.

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Our Center’s mission is to combine cutting-edge technology with innovative approaches and the unlimited power of Big Data to redraw scientific boundaries, generate new knowledge, and improve lives.
Isidore Rigoutsos Director, Computational Medicine Center


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Optimal exRNA Isolation via Small RNA Sequencing of Diverse Biofluids. >Read
HPCwire article features our work on utilizing data at the patient level. >Read
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CMC’s team top ranked in “DREAM Challenge”.>Read
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