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Living cells are very elegant systems.

Our ground-breaking research revealed that living cells are also immensely complex. In fact, we discovered several new categories of regulatory molecules in humans, each with numerous members. We also showed that these regulators matter in health and disease, and that they differ from person to person, from tissue to tissue, and from one disease to the next.

While this newly-uncovered complexity makes understanding disease a formidable task, we are not deterred by it. Instead, we embrace it. In fact, we have made it our life’s mission to understand how these previously unseen regulators drive the onset and progression of disease.

Your gift will allow us to continue our cutting-edge work, help unravel key events behind disease, and translate these findings into novel approaches to diagnosis, prognosis and better, individualized therapies.

You can help our undertaking by making a gift to our Center through Jefferson’s Office of Institutional Advancement (click here).

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