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Eleftheria Hatzimichael

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Eleftheria Hatzimichael, MD, PhD (born 1975) is a Haematologist, with a strong background and research activities in epigenetics and translational research. She graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Ioannina in 1998 and was trained in Haematology at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Barts and the London Trust, London, UK and the University Hospital of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece. For her achievements she was recently been awarded a prestigious early-carrier one-year fellowship from the Hellenic Society of Haematology Foundation to work with Dr Isidore Rigoutsos as Visiting Scientist at the Computational Medicine Centre, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, US, in the field of non-coding human genome by computational and experimental approaches. She is currently a Consultant Haematologist and the Clinical and Translational Research Leader in the Department of Haematology, University Hospital of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece and co-investigator in more than 10 phase I-III clinical trials. She has served as a reviewer in 7 journals and she is a member of the Associate Editorial Board of the American Journal of Blood Research.





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2000 And Earlier

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