MD/PhD Student Kevin Quann

MD/PhD Student

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Kevin is currently a 7th year MD/PhD student who studied post-transcriptional regulation of DNA repair pathways and the dynamics of miRNA target selection while at the CMC. Broadly, his related research interests include non-coding RNAs, systems biology, and gene regulatory networks.





  • Quann, K, Jing, Y, Rigoutsos, I. Post-transcriptional regulation of BRCA1 through its coding sequence by the miR-15/107 group of miRNAs. Front Genet. 2015;6 :242. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2015.00242. PubMed PMID:26257769 PubMed Central PMC4513244.
  • Londin, E, Loher, P, Telonis, AG, Quann, K, Clark, P, Jing, Y et al.. Analysis of 13 cell types reveals evidence for the expression of numerous novel primate- and tissue-specific microRNAs. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2015;112 (10):E1106-15. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1420955112. PubMed PMID:25713380 PubMed Central PMC4364231.


  • Clark, PM, Loher, P, Quann, K, Brody, J, Londin, ER, Rigoutsos, I et al.. Argonaute CLIP-Seq reveals miRNA targetome diversity across tissue types. Sci Rep. 2014;4 :5947. doi: 10.1038/srep05947. PubMed PMID:25103560 PubMed Central PMC4894423.
  • Mercier, I, Gonzales, DM, Quann, K, Pestell, TG, Molchansky, A, Sotgia, F et al.. CAPER, a novel regulator of human breast cancer progression. Cell Cycle. 2014;13 (8):1256-64. doi: 10.4161/cc.28156. PubMed PMID:24621503 PubMed Central PMC4049962.


  • Quann, K, Gonzales, DM, Mercier, I, Wang, C, Sotgia, F, Pestell, RG et al.. Caveolin-1 is a negative regulator of tumor growth in glioblastoma and modulates chemosensitivity to temozolomide. Cell Cycle. 2013;12 (10):1510-20. doi: 10.4161/cc.24497. PubMed PMID:23598719 PubMed Central PMC3680531.


  • Mercier, I, Camacho, J, Titchen, K, Gonzales, DM, Quann, K, Bryant, KG et al.. Caveolin-1 and accelerated host aging in the breast tumor microenvironment: chemoprevention with rapamycin, an mTOR inhibitor and anti-aging drug. Am. J. Pathol. 2012;181 (1):278-93. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2012.03.017. PubMed PMID:22698676 PubMed Central PMC3388151.
  • Rahman, S, Quann, K, Pandya, D, Singh, S, Khan, ZK, Jain, P et al.. HTLV-1 Tax mediated downregulation of miRNAs associated with chromatin remodeling factors in T cells with stably integrated viral promoter. PLoS ONE. 2012;7 (4):e34490. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0034490. PubMed PMID:22496815 PubMed Central PMC3319589.


  • Jasmin, JF, Rengo, G, Lymperopoulos, A, Gupta, R, Eaton, GJ, Quann, K et al.. Caveolin-1 deficiency exacerbates cardiac dysfunction and reduces survival in mice with myocardial infarction. Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol. 2011;300 (4):H1274-81. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.01173.2010. PubMed PMID:21297026 PubMed Central PMC3075024.


  • Jain, P, Manuel, SL, Khan, ZK, Ahuja, J, Quann, K, Wigdahl, B et al.. DC-SIGN mediates cell-free infection and transmission of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 by dendritic cells. J. Virol. 2009;83 (21):10908-21. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01054-09. PubMed PMID:19692463 PubMed Central PMC2772783.
  • Lepoutre, V, Jain, P, Quann, K, Wigdahl, B, Khan, ZK. Role of resident CNS cell populations in HTLV-1-associated neuroinflammatory disease. Front Biosci (Landmark Ed). 2009;14 :1152-68. . PubMed PMID:19273122 PubMed Central PMC2739244.


  • Kampani, K, Quann, K, Ahuja, J, Wigdahl, B, Khan, ZK, Jain, P et al.. A novel high throughput quantum dot-based fluorescence assay for quantitation of virus binding and attachment. J. Virol. Methods. 2007;141 (2):125-32. doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2006.11.043. PubMed PMID:17204339 PubMed Central PMC1975807.

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