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License Plates (MINTplates)2 Python program, library, and source code for the encoding and decoding of “license-plates” which are labels that transcend assemblies and species. They depend solely on the fragments genomic sequence and are based on encoding techniques to achieve smaller length and concrete format. While initially created for tRFs, this library can create license-plates for tRFs, miRNA, isomiRs and other sequences. Version: 1.0 (10/18/2018)
Version: 0.3 Java, Deprecated (10/18/2018)
MINTmap1 Program, source code, and lookup table which can be used to generate tRF profiles from short RNA-Seq datasets. MINTmap is available under the open source GNU GPL v3.0 license. Read more. Version: 1.0 (2/21/2017)


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