Primate-specific long non-coding RNAs and the cancer link

BioMed Central (BMC) has published an interview of Isidore Rigoutsos and George Calin on our new paper. There we show how N-BLR, a long non-coding transcript which contains pyknon motifs, could be a potential new biomarker for Colon Cancer. It is important to note that N-BLR is primate specific so, its roles can not be captured from the rodent models of colon cancer.
What we have shown in our article, published in Genome Biology, are multiple examples of pyknon motifs that are located in long non-coding transcripts and exhibit altered expression in solid and liquid cancers. For one transcript in particular, N-BLR, we also showed that it acts as a sponge for the evolutionarily-conserved miR-200 family of microRNAs, which is known to shape the migration and invasion capacities of multiple types of cells.
Read more about the interview here and more about our paper here.

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