From this page you can access downloadable programs that have been created by our center.

  1. MINTcodes *NEW* Source code for MINTplates and MINTmap. The MINTbase web tool can be accessed here.
  2. Threshold-seq *NEW* R implementation of Threshold-seq, a computational method of determining thresholds for short RNA-seq datasets.
  3. Off-Spotter source code Off-Spotter is a very fast and precise tool for CRISPR/Cas hit identification and selection. Click here for usage information. You can also use the Off-Spotter web tool or the remote batch utility.
  4. Teiresias algorithm source codes and how to use them. Download the sources files of a combinatorial algorithm for the discovery of rigid patterns (motifs) in biological sequences. You can also use the Teiresias web tool.
  5. RNA22 v2 batch request script: Download a program that will allow you to submit rna22 batch requests.

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