From this page you can access interactive tools that have been created by our center.

  1. MINTbase *NEW* a web-based framework that serves the dual-purpose of being a content repository for tRFs and a tool for the interactive exploration of these newly discovered molecules.
  2. Teiresias Use the Teiresias algorithm to find patterns in the input.
  3. Off-Spotter for CRISP/Cas gRNAs A tool that when presented with a candidate gRNA and a PAM, quickly and exhaustively identifies all genomic sites that are identical or nearly-identical to the gRNA and also satisfy the PAM constraint. Off-Spotter is available for download and remote data submission. You can also read the help page.
  4. RNA22 v2-interactive tool for predicting miRNA targets This application uses RNA22 v2 to find putative microRNA binding sites in the sequence of interest (you can provide custom sequences), then identifies the targeting microRNA.
  5. HandsFree HandsFree is a secure service that provides the capability to map and analyze RNA-Seq, Exome-seq, DNA-seq, and ChIP-Seq data.
  6. “Better Primer” (available only inside the TJU firewall) A tool to help you design better primers
  7. Ultra fast BLAST (available only inside the TJU firewall) Local installation of FPGA-accelerated BLAST
  8. Mirror of the UCSC Genome Browser (available only inside the TJU firewall) Local installation of the very popular UCSC Genome Browser allows fast browsing, secure communication, etc.

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